What is Rooter Service?

Rooter Services are a great way to solve any plumbing problem! You might have heard the term “rooter service” but don’t know what it means? This process is used when there’s an issue with your pipes or drains. As trees can contribute greatly in causing these problems due their rooting around underground, rooters services will be provided for repairing them so that you never experience such issues again on top of having clean sink systems too.

Why Do I Need Rooter Service? 

Rooter service is a very essential repair job for the plumbing system. It is specially designed to solve the common issues of clogged and slow drains. Blockage and clogging may repair your plumbing in several ways, based on the type of clog and where it is placed:

If the clog arises inside of your home’s drains, it will only affect the fixture or appliance nearest its place. These blockages are usually created by debris like hair, soap scum, and food scraps. 

If a massive clog occurs in your home’s sewer line, it will create some different symptoms like widespread drainage issues in many places of your home or small backups in showers and tubs when your toilet is flushed or your washing machine works. 

Sewer clogs may occur due to dirt build-up, tree roots growing into the sewer line, or non-flushable items in the pipes that can’t be moved without the help of your expert rooter service. 

What Happens During Rooter Service?

Once you call the rooter service, the plumber will arrive to solve the issue. They have used a wide range of advanced plumbing tools and brought a better solution. Based on the specific problem affecting your system, this may include: 

  • Video camera drain inspections
  • Testing on plumbing fixtures to check failures
  • Visual plumbing fixture inspections 
  • Twisting one or more drains to eliminate clogs 
  • Eliminating the piping system portions to remove the clog
  • Repairing sewer pipes that have been cracked, damaged, or corroded
  • Changing the sewer pipes or lines which are collapsing, sagging, by tree roots 

Final Words

Rooter service is one of the best ways to solve the several commonplace issues of clogged and slow drains which you may experience in your home. It is very essential to contact an experienced plumber to control the rooter machine as it may easily damage your pipes if it is not used perfectly. Rooter service is a crucial part of plumbing maintenance and you have to use this service when you have a serious clog or other drainage issues.