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Football Training Equipment For Wide Receivers


Wide receivers need football training equipment to improve their catch-and-run skills. It’s essential for wide receivers to learn how to catch the football with their fingertips rather than their palms. Using the palms to catch the ball can result in incomplete passes and interceptions. A plastic ball or band placed over the receiver’s hand will allow them to practice this technique login strobe sport new products.

KB PowerBands

The KB PowerBands football training equipment is a versatile piece of football equipment that is perfect for wide receivers who want to improve their speed, agility, and coordination. It’s designed to help athletes improve their catching motion so that it feels effortless and natural. It also helps build muscle memory and coordination in the arms and hands. The equipment includes an anchor point and wrist straps that can be attached to a football, so that a wide receiver can practice this drill indoors or outdoors.

The KB PowerBands football training equipment is designed with four different resistance levels. The blue bands are the stiffest, while the yellow bands provide the most flexibility. Stronger receivers may choose to increase the resistance, while beginners may want to start out on a lower level.

SKLZ(r) Great Catch

SKLZ(r) Great Catch is an excellent piece of football training equipment for wide receivers, tight ends, and running backs. It helps athletes learn proper catching techniques and develop more accurate hands. The device also helps players increase their confidence and consistency.

Colt Football Blocking pad

The Colt Football Blocking pad for wide receiver can help players learn the proper blocking technique. Its “closed cell” foam technology prevents it from absorbing moisture and provides a realistic feel. It helps players isolate their footwork and hand placement for game-like physicality.

These pads are a great way to develop blocking skills and increase your overall speed and strength. They come in stationary and handheld versions, and can be used to practice blocking and tackling fundamentals. The pads can help you develop speed, strength, and coordination. It can also help you improve your ball skills.

SKLZ(r) VertiMax

If you’re a wide receiver looking to improve your skills, the VertiMax football training equipment may be the perfect solution for your training needs. It uses a unique loading system to replicate game-like conditions to improve strength and agility. The result is enhanced performance on the field. Athletes who use VertiMax will experience faster acceleration, better hand-eye coordination, and more explosive power. What’s more, the system will also help reduce the risk of injury, which is an important consideration for any football player.

The VertiMax Hand Strap is a popular choice for wide receivers and offensive line players who need to develop upper body strength. The VertiMax Ankle Attachments can also help improve ground force reaction time. Lastly, there’s the VertiMax App. While it’s not an accessory, it provides performance coaches with proven methods for developing athletes.